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MANIBOX enclosures are used in various industries and fields, namely as an IOT network enclosure, Sensor enclosure, Embedded PC case, Instrument enclosure,Industrial control box, Junction box, Distribution box, Audio amplifier chassis, and so on
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Functions of electronic enclosure for electronic device

An electronic enclosure is a cabinet for electronic devices to casing all the electronic modules, cabling harnesses and connection components, and to prevent electrical shocks to equipment users and to protect the contents from operation environment.
The enclosure is the only part of the devices that is seen by the users. 
It should be designed not only for its utilitarian functions, but also to be pleasing and attractive to the eyes. 
Regulations dictate the features and performance of the enclosures for electronic devices in hazardous or special areas, such as humidity, saline, corrosive in all kinds of commercial, industrial, public facilities or buildings. 
Electronic casing places many demands on an enclosure for heat dissipation, radio frequency interference, or electrostatic protection, as well as functional, esthetic and commercial constraints.
Designing the electronic enclosures is one of the most difficult tasks in the conception of the electronic devices or equipments. 
A not adequate design or choose of the electronic enclosures are the main cause of early failures in electronic devices, which can be one of the most important requirements to consider in the architecture tasks of the electronic devices.
All the digitalization of the cities and buildings is totally based in IoT devices that use electronic enclosures that are subject to the most hard environmental conditions of operations, requiring the adequate characteristics to operate as intended, to very long lifecycles, most of the times between 10 and 25 years.
Therefore the carefully design or choose of the IoT devices enclosures are mandatory issues to control adequately. 
The narrow collaboration between the electronic systems designer and the manufacturer of the electronic enclosures is a recommended good practice to adopt, in order to obtain the right enclosure to the right operating environment or functional requirements of the IoT devices.

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