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Difference between indoor and outdoor enclosures

It seems that all electrical enclosures are the same and perform the same function. these meticulously designed enclosures will play an important role in protecting electronics in a wide variety of fields, such as telecommunications, information technology, utility, and the Internet of Things.

When selecting an electrical enclosure for indoor and outdoor use. safety and avoid lost in equipment and running expenses is a primary consideration

Enclosures designed for indoors and outside use are of different function. in this article, we'll talk the difference.

Manufacturers widely use Ingress Protection (IP) standards to resist dust and water. Common ratings for indoor enclosures are IP42,for outdoor use are IP65, as IEC standard 60529.

Indoor use enclosure often have "lower" IP classifications, to allow for ventilation and heat dissipation. has resistant to corrosion and abrasion, and other extra safety features.

You can use an outdoor enclosure indoors; however, the high protection of outdoor enclosures also increase the price.

The considerations for enclosure design and construction include:

Rigidity and strength

Heat dissipation management

Materials' stability and durability

Incendiary hazards

Aesthetic value

Indoor enclosures do not often require additional security measures because they are already located in a safe area. such as access control enclosure

Indoor enclosures need to be more aesthetically pleasing owing to their constant need to attract attention.outdoor enclosures are more costly than interior ones because of their high IP and NEMA ratings.

We provide you with an indoor enclosure for power supply termination or a series of outdoor enclosures for your network. We MANIBOX are committed to providing customized integrated enclosure solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Be confident in our staff will provide you with the best enclosure and accessories for your needs.

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