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How to Choose the Right IOT Enclosures?

The advent of the IOT Era, Smart cities are getting closer to people's lives. From the smallest remote sensor to the most elaborate fully-integrated smart home, smart devices are changing how we work, how we live and even how we think. How to protect these IOT devices and electronic components then needs our electronic enclosure.

Common IOT devices:

telecommunications devices
Remote sensors


With the wide application of IOT devices, it is particularly important to provide electronic enclosure protection for these devices from environmental impact.

What to look for in an IOT device enclosure?
what should be on your must-have list when looking for an IOT device enclosure? That all depends on the specific demands of each IOT application. Is the device intended for consumer, industrial or scientific use? If the device will be used outdoors
will you need a waterproof enclosure to protect against adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, and sleet.

Factors need to consider while choosing the electrical enclosure
Will the device be used indoors, outdoors or both?
If the device will be used outdoors, will you need a waterproof enclosure to protect against adverse weather conditions like rain, snow and sleet?
Will the device be exposed to salt spray, marine air and/or corrosive chemicals?
Will the device need heat-dissipation mechanisms such as heat sinks and/or vents?

Apart from considering the application scenario of the equipment, the right protection rating for the equipment can prolong the service life of the equipment.

Read our NEMA ratings and IP ratings blogs for more information on these important rating systems and how they can help you find the enclosure you need.

Whatever your electronics enclosure needs, MANIBOX is dedicated to helping you succeed.


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