Manufacturer of electronics enclosures
MANIBOX enclosures are used in various industries and fields, namely as an IOT network enclosure, Sensor enclosure, Embedded PC case, Instrument enclosure,Industrial control box, Junction box, Distribution box, Audio amplifier chassis, and so on
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MANIBOX Has The Right Enclosure For Every Need

MANIBOX provide a one stop service for plastic enclosures. It has a wide range of plastic enclosures that suits the needs of the every client. This make MANIBOX the best manufacturer and supplier of plastic enclosures.

MANIBOX boasts of three main things – variety, durability, and innovation. These three characteristics make MANIBOX the leader in the market. this make better understand MANIBOX the leading supplier of plastic enclosures.

On Variety

MANIBOX has a variety of plastic enclosures for every client. All of these plastic enclosures are made by the best research and development team that MANIBOX employs. MANIBOX has the best designers and engineers who design and create various plastic enclosures.

On Durability

All of MANIBOX plastic enclosures are made from ABS plastic. ABS plastic is made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. This kind of plastic is impact resistant as well as weather resistant. This means that MANIBOX's plastic enclosures can survive years even exposed under the sun or rain.

Apart from this, all of MANIBOX’s plastic enclosures is waterproof. This means that the electronic devices sealed in a MANIBOX is protected from dust and water. MANIBOX not only sell durable plastic enclosures; it also assures that the electronic devices installed within the box are protected as well.

On Innovation

MANIBOX custom enclosure for customers for their electronic devices. Customers offers drawing to MANIBOX’s engineers. MANIBOX will then contact the customer for further refinement of the initial drawing. When both parties agree to the final design, it will be manufactured. This assures customers of quality and satisfaction.


Lastly, all of MANIBOX’s plastic enclosures can made of flame retardant material.The flame retardant material will be better protected of electronic devices from high temperature and more safe.

MANIBOX is not only the leading supplier of plastic enclosures; they also come first when it comes to customer satisfaction. if you need custom plastic enclosure for your electronic devices . you can contact us now.

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