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Testing the UL 94 Flame Rating of Enclosures

UL is short for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL has a history of 100 years. UL safety testing institute is the most authoritative organization in the United States and a large non-governmental organization engaged in safety testing and appraisal.

What is UL 94 ?

UL 94 is the most widely used flame retardant evaluation standard for plastic material. It is also used to evaluate the ability of the material to extinguish the flame after being ignited. There are many evaluation methods, such as whether the drops are burning or not,  combustion speed, combustion time and anti dripping ability

The flame retardant grade of plastics increases from HB, V-2 and V-1 to V-0
UL94 Standard- Tests for Flammability by Polyram

HB is the lowest flame retardant grade in UL 94 standard. For samples 3 to 13 mm thick, the combustion rate is required to be less than 40 mm per minute.       
      For samples less than 3 mm thick, the combustion rate is less than 70 mm per minute. or go out in front of the 100mm mark.
V-2: after two 10 second combustion tests on the sample, the flame goes out within 60 seconds. It can ignite the cotton wool below 30cm
V-1: after two 10 second combustion tests on the sample, the flame goes out within 60 seconds. Do not ignite cotton wool below 30cm
V-0: after two 10 second combustion tests on the sample, the flame goes out within 10 seconds.

UL Certification

Why the UL 94 Standard Is Important for Plastic Enclosure ?
Plastic enclosures are popular nowadays. But, in hazardous environments and industrial
settings, require the use of flame-retardant plastic enclosures. For one, a flame-retardant enclosure helps prevent the further spread of fire. In addition, a flame-retardant enclosure helps maintain the integrity of critical systems during a fire.
Does MANIVOX Offer UL 94 Rated Enclosures?
Yes, all of our plastic enclosures use material that has undergone UL 94 flame rating testing! If you want to know more about UL 94, Pls contact us by email. We’ll be happy to tell you about the UL ratings of our enclosures.

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