How to Choose Suitable Enclosure for Your Electronic Device?

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The application scenario of electrical enclosure is very wide, from the complex cutting-edge medical technology to the simplest handheld devices like electronic key fobs, every electronic device requires an enclosure to keep its components safe and protected.
We want to customize the appropriate shell according to the shape and function of electronic device. the process of how to make custom electronics enclosures is one many businesses aren’t equipped for, or the costs of doing so often outweigh the benefits.
many businesses choose custom electrical enclosure from MANIBOX. Our electronic box are designed to meet the highest performance standards while also offering abundant customization options. In this article, we’ll look at the basics of how to make custom electrical enclosure and why it’s often a smart move to allow MANIBOX to handle enclosure customization for you
it’s helpful to have a basic idea of how enclosures are made. The manufacturing process varies widely according to the materials used.

Stainless Steel Enclosures: Stainless steel is notable, unlike some other enclosure materials, for its individual machining potentials, robustness, high-end surface finish and many other benefits.stainless-steel enclosure provide extremely good protection in harsh and aggressive environments, and also ideal ease of cleaning.

Aluminum Enclosures: Aluminum enclosures are usually made either via die casting or extrusion. In the die casting process, the manufacturer injects molten aluminum into a die mold, while in the extrusion process, aluminum is pushed through a die to create long parts that are then cut to size.

Polycarbonate Plastic Enclosures: The manufacturing process for polycarbonate enclosures starts by feeding thermoplastic pellets into a heated barrel where they are melted and mixed together.. The plastic mixture is then pushed into a mold using pressurized injection and allowed to cool.

ABS Plastic Enclosures: ABS enclosures are manufactured using a similar process to polycarbonate, with an emulsified mixture of plastic components heated and injected into a mold. Since it’s a thermoplastic material, meaning it can be heated and reformed multiple times, ABS is often recycled.

Now that we’ve got a basic idea of the processes behind enclosure manufacturing. Choose the material make custom electrical enclosures that fit the needs of your application.

Here are factors you need to consider when designing custom electrical enclosure

Enclosure Size: Customize the size of the electronic housing according to the size and function of your electronic device
Enclosure Material: Different use scenarios have different material requirements for the shell.

Stainless steel enclosures are mostly used in cabinets

Aluminum enclosure is mostly used in Telecommunications and electronic device

ABS plastic enclosure is mostly used in Traffic Control, Waste Water Treatment.

The specific requirements should be based on your use scenario.

NEMA Rating/IP Rating: NEMA ratings and IP ratings are two systems used to assess an enclosure’s protective qualities against factors, such as waterproof, weatherproof, dustproof

Ambient Temperature Rating: Your enclosure will need to be designed to withstand ambient temperatures in its operating environment. Make sure your enclosure has a rated operating temperature well within the ambient temperature limits your device will experience.

Internal Temperature Rating: The heat generated by device components can create real problems for the device’s operation if the enclosure isn’t properly vented and cooled.

Enclosure Accessories: Ma
ny device enclosures will require additional accessories, such as mounting hardware or cable glands, that must be fitted precisely with the enclosure’s cutouts

If you have a need for enclosure customization, MANIBOX offers the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective path to customized electrical enclosure. We’ll be happy to help you get started today.

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