What's Raspberry Pi Case used for?

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Update time : 2021-12-28 23:24:57

Raspberry pi is a microcomputer, based on Linux system,only credit card size. But it has all the basic functions of a computer.

What's Raspberry pi can do for you:


1.Replace Your Desktop PC With a Raspberry Pi

   The simplest use for a Raspberry Pi is as a desktop computer. Along with the Pi itself, the microSD card, and power supply, you'll need a HDMI cable and a suitable display. As with a traditional computer, you'll also need a USB keyboard and mouse. 

The Raspberry Pi 3 and later has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in. If you prefer to use Ethernet, however, all Raspberry Pi models (except the Pi Zero) are equipped with Ethernet ports.

2. Learn How to Code

When the Raspberry Pi was launched in 2012, one of its key aims was to get kids coding. But it isn't just children who can learn to code on a Raspberry Pi. Grown-ups can also take advantage of the platform's built-in coding tools.

3. Stream Live Video to YouTube

Another way to take advantage of a Raspberry Pi Camera Module is to live stream to YouTube.

This works with a Raspberry Pi 3 or later. While a compatible USB camera can be used, the best results are enjoyed with the official device.

4. Build a Raspberry Pi Web Server

Another fantastic use for a Raspberry Pi is to set it up as a web server. This basically means that it can be configured to host a website. It might host your blog, for example.


 Raspberry pi is widely used and meet many needs in life. Choosing the right enclosure for your raspberry pi motherboard can prolong the service life of raspberry pi. Our raspberry pi enclosure is based on the standard motherboard. We can also customize it according to your needs. If you have any raspberry pi enclosure needs, feel free contact us. we glad to help you.

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