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What is a PCB and what is it used for ?

PCB board is an abbreviation for printed circuit board (PCB). Usually in the insulation, according to a predetermined design, made of printed lines, printed components, or a combination of conductive graphics called printed circuits. And in the insulating substrate to provide electrical connections between components of the conductive graphics, known as a printed circuit. Thus the printed circuit board or printed circuit board is called the printed circuit board, also known as the printed circuit board or printed circuit board.

PCB, circuit board almost all the electronic devices we can see are inseparable from it, ranging from electronic watches, calculators, general-purpose computers, to large computers, communication electronics, military weapons systems, as long as there are integrated circuits and other electronic components, the electrical interconnection between them all needs to use the PCB, the circuit board. It provides mechanical support for the fixed assembly of various electronic components such as integrated circuits, wiring, and electrical connection or insulation between various electronic components such as integrated circuits, and provides the required electrical characteristics, such as characteristic impedance. At the same time, we provide solder mask graphics for automatic soldering and identify characters and graphics for component insertion, inspection, and maintenance.

PCB, PCB, PCB factory PCB, how is the PCB produced? We Open the universal computer keyboard can see a flexible film (flexible insulation substrate), printed with silver-white (silver paste) conductive graphics and health bit graphics. Because of the general screen leakage printing method to get these graphics, so we call this printed PCB, the printed circuit board for flexible silver paste PCB, printed circuit board. The boards, graphics cards, network cards, modems, sound cards, and home appliances that we see in the printed circuit boards are different. It is made of a paper base (usually used on one side) or a glass cloth base (usually used on both sides and multiple layers), pre-impregnated phenolic or epoxy, and then laminated with a copper book on one or both sides of the surface layer. This kind of PCB, PCB, CCL board, we call it the rigid board. And then printed PCB, printed circuit board, we call it rigid printed PCB, printed circuit board. Single-sided printed circuit board we call single-sided printed circuit board, double-sided printed circuit board, and then through the hole metallization to form two-sided interconnection of the printed circuit board, we call it double-sided board. If a printed circuit board with one double-sided as the inner layer, two single-sided as the outer layer, or two double-sided as the inner layer and two single-sided as the outer layer, a printed circuit board that alternates between a positioning system and an insulating binder and interconnects the conductive patterns required by the design becomes a four, and printed circuit board, also known as a multilayer printed circuit board. There are now more than 100 layers of functional printed PCB, circuit board. The production process of PCB in the PCB factory is more complicated. It involves a wide range of processes, from simple mechanical processing to complex mechanical processing, including common chemical reactions and photochemical electrochemical thermochemical processes, computer-aided design, Cam, and so on. And in the production process there are many problems and new problems are often encountered and some problems disappear without the cause being found out, because the production process is a discontinuous assembly line form, any one of the problems will cause the entire production line or the consequences of a large number of scrap, scrap if the printed circuit board is not recycled, process engineers work pressure is greater, so many engineers left the industry to work in sales and technical services at the printed circuit board. In order to know more about PCB, PCB, we need to understand the common single-sided, double-sided printed PCB, PCB, and ordinary multi-layer board manufacturing process, in order to deepen our understanding of it.


Single-sided rigid printed circuit board: → single-sided copper-clad plate → blanking →(wash, dry)→ drilling or punching → screen printing line anti-etching pattern or use of dry film → curing inspection repair plate → etching → copper → anti-etching printing material, drying → wash, drying → screen printing solder mask (commonly used green oil), UV curing → screen printing character marking pattern, UV curing → pre-heating, punching and shape → electrical opening, short circuit testing → brushing, drying → pre-welding anti-oxidant (drying) or spray tin hot air leveling → inspection packaging → finished product factory. The sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. The sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence. As can be seen from the process flow diagram, the multilayer process was developed on the basis of the double hole metallization process. In addition to the double-sided process, there are several unique contents: metalized hole interconnect, drilling and de-epoxy drilling dirt, positioning system, lamination, special materials. Circuit board factory our common computer board card is basically an epoxy double-sided printed PCB, circuit board, one side of which is a plug-in component and the other side is a component foot welding surface, can see that the solder joints are very regular, these solder joints of the component feet separate welding surface we call it pad.

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