Manufacturer of Electronics Enclosures
Manufacturer of Electronics Enclosures a leading manufacturer of electronics enclosures and electrical boxes for OEM's in a variety of industries. Our enclosures are made from high-quality materials including: plastic, aluminum, diecast and stainless steel. Designed for a variety of applications and environments, We provide customization services, such as CNC machining, Laser cutting, Inkjet printing, among others. Rapid delivery and affordable prices are our hallmark because we have invested in advanced robotic cutting equipment, a heavily stocked on-site factory warehouse, and efficient ordering and fulfillment systems.
Our experienced and friendly staff offers step-by-step design support.From our intricate and accurate design engineering excellence to our production reliability.Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we do so through producing the highest quality product in the industry. We gained a lot of experiences and great reputation from our customer. we can be your trusted partner today and into the future.
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Customized Service

We build what our customers design , which ranges from simple customization of standard packages such as plastic enclosure , extruded aluminum enclosure , U-shape , audio amplifier chassis , Precision machining process and hard wares .

MANIBOX produces customized electronic enclosures, plastic enclosure, aluminum enclosure, metal enclosure. including custom design, tooling, materials, drilling, surface treatment, color, logo printing and other services.

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Design Design We have an independent professional design team, experience in the design industry. We have appearance designers, structural designers, and product engineers, who can design a professional product for you at the same time. We will design and provide you with 3D files, CAD document, and CDR vector diagrams at the same time. CNC Milling and Turning CNC Milling and Turning We have more than 10 CNC machining machines and a professional 5-axis turning machine. We can make large-scale mass production while making a single sample at the same time. We guarantee high-quality products while maintaining efficiency. Finished color Finished color The use of anodizing treatment can significantly improve the corrosion resistance, surface hardness, and wear resistance of aluminum enclosure. At the same time, you can choose different colors as decoration. Logo Print Logo Print We have two different printing methods, laser engraving and silk screen printing. You can add your desired logo or more to your box. At the same time, it can meet your multiple needs for different colors.
WHAT CAN WE DO We provide One-stop service,Drill holes, UV printing silkscreen,laser carve, acrylic plate, open mold etc Learn more
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