Choose the Best Enclosure for Your Electronic devices

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Update time : 2022-12-07 21:19:16

We are often asked how to choose the best enclosure for electronic devices.  This is especially true given that many engineers have not spent much time on the intricacies of electronic enclosures with most of their focus on technology of the internal components to complete their project.  While it seem simple to find a box . but too many options also make anxiety for even the most experienced engineers.

First: What size of electronic enclosure is needed for your components?

This may seem a bit basic but in reality, the nature of the electronic enclosure industry makes it a bit daunting.  The only standards in enclosure sizes deals with 19” rack mounting equipment and the racks they are mounted into where the “u”, or space between holes of the mounting rails, has been standardized for over 90 years.  In typical smaller enclosures, each manufacturer has their own standard sizes which can vary by as little as a fraction of an inch or just a millimeter or two.  This makes switching between manufacturer products almost impossible.


Second:  What Material is the best choice for your electronic devices


There are many considerations to make the proper material choice.  These can include weight (plastic is much lighter than steel, for example), durability, ability to withstand water or other elements, flammability and even impact resistance.  Aluminum is lighter weight but more expensive and more flexible.  Die cast aluminum is lower priced but visually less appealing and it can have dimensional variability due to shrinkage and draft angles.  In plastics, polycarbonate is the dominant material along with ABS.  ABS is less flexible and durable than polycarbonate.

Third: is your enclosure be used in an “ hazardous" environment or special protection required?

Electronics is no longer be used in environmentally controlled situations but with the huge increase in IoT and industrial automation applications, there are many ratings to consider.  These range from the various NEMA and IP ratings which provide testing to certify that the enclosure can withstand conditions including sprayed water, snow, or submersion.  Other requirements might include flammability ratings on plastics, EMI/RFI protection, and UV protection. 


When it comes to electronic enclosures designed for application in industrial electronic equipment, MANIBOX have more than 10 years of expertise in the field. Includes a complete collection of aluminum and plastic enclosures ranging from simple housings to high-security versions that meet NEMA and IP regulations. Offers hundreds of commercially available enclosures in a broad range of sizes, shapes, and combinations. You can purchase a single case or buy them in large numbers all at once. Provides several customizable options to fulfill the requirements of individual customers.

For further information and customized product of your requirements, you can contact us at +86 186 6655 1667 or email us [email protected].

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