How to Protect Outdoor Electronics with Junction Boxes

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Update time : 2021-12-22 19:58:22

Function of electrical enclosure : An electrical enclosure is a housing for electrical or electronic equipment. Its purpose is to protect that equipment from the environment (especially in the case of external electrical enclosures) and also to protect people from the equipment (e.g. to prevent electric shock or the propagation of an explosion).


The most common Material of electrical enclosure:


Polycarbonate Plastic: Polycarbonate plastic enclosure is much cheaper than metal enclosure and have excellent impact resistance.


Aluminum: Aluminum enclosure is expensive than plastic enclosure. Aluminum is extremely durable and able to withstand high temperatures. Additionally, aluminum alloy is highly resistant to corrosion.


Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is notable, unlike some other enclosure materials, for its individual machining potentials, robustness, high-end surface finish and many other benefits. stainless-steel enclosure provide extremely good protection in harsh and aggressive environments, and also ideal ease of cleaning.


In addition to materials, NEMA and IP rating is also very important for the performance of the enclosure.


NEMA standards are used mainly in North America. Outdoor enclosures should have an outdoor NEMA rating like NEMA 4X or NEMA 6P. For more information about what these ratings mean, see our NEMA ratings guide.


IP standards are used worldwide, but especially in the European Union. An outdoor enclosure should feature a waterproof and dustproof IP rating, such as an IP66 or IP68. Our IP ratings guide offers more information on the IP ratings system.


the right cable gland: Holes are made in the electronic equipment to allow cable access. the cable gland is very important to maintain the waterproof performance of the electrical enclosure. therefore, you need to choose the right cable gland according to the hole size.


We are happy to provide suitable enclosures and accessories for your electronic equipment, if you want to know more of the enclosure, feel free to contact us

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