How Do I Order Customized Enclosures?

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Update time : 2021-12-08 15:27:13
To fulfill your design requirements, We provide one-stop customization services, as Machining/Punching holes/cuts, printing, overlay manufacturing, painting, or color anodization.
For holes/cut-outs, we can recommend the most suitable and cost-effective method from CNC Machining, Laser Cutting, or Punching press according to your requirements
We also propose the most suitable and cost-effective Print/Marking solution from Inkjet printing, Laser marking, Silkscreen printing, or Engraving.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions&answers, hope they will help you.
1. How to order the product?
Please send your inquiry to us, once we confirm the orders, we will send you PI.

2. What's the leading time?
Samples were processed about 5-7 days. Batches production about 15-20 days.

3. Which kind of surface treatment can be done?
Anodizing, Painting, Powder coating, Alodine treatment, etc.

4. Which shipping methods can be chosen?
Air, sea, and land transportation are all acceptable.

5. What‘s the tolerance of our products?
CNC processing about ±0.05mm, Laser cutting about ±0.1mm.

6. How about the product quality?
We have a dedicated quality inspection department, which will conduct two quality inspections. If it is a defective product, we will reprocess it.

We customize our products based upon the specified details on your CAD drawings.
Kindly prepare your CAD drawings without any mistakes, such as size difference, location, type, etc.
Please also prepare both CAD and PDF drawings with all the measurements (hole size, location, etc) annotated.
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