What is an Electrical Enclosure?

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Update time : 2021-11-29 12:25:21
What is an electrical box? In the 5g era, in IOT network era,There are many use scenarios for electronic enclosures,such as : Cable/Wire Management, Food & Beverage, Information Technologies, Oil & Gas Production, Solar Batteries, Stock Batteries, Telecommunications, Traffic Control, Waste Water Treatment, It can be said that the electrical box is necessary at home in every family.
Function of electrical enclosure
Electronics enclosures always play an important role in the protection of electronic device,The more dangerous and extreme the environment, the stronger the enclosure will need to be. Some features required of electrical enclosure include protection against access to hazardous parts, ingress of solid objects, waterproof, Corrosion protection, weatherproof, and prolonged submersion in water.
Material of electrical box?
Electrtonics enclosures can be manufactured in a number of different materials, including rigid plastics and metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum, and they come in many colors and styles.
What MANIBOX can do for your electronic box?
MANIBOX enclosures are used in various industries and fields, namely as an IOT network enclosure, Sensor enclosure, Embedded PC case, Instrument enclosure,
Industrial control box, Junction box, Distribution box, Audio amplifier chassis, and so on
To fulfill your design requirements, We provide one-stop customization services, as Machining/Punching holes/cuts, printing, overlay manufacturing, painting or color anodization.
For holes/cut-outs, we can recommend the most suitable and cost-effective method from CNC Machining, Laser Cutting, or Punching press according to your requirements
We also propose the most suitable and cost-effective Print/Marking solution from Inkjet printing, Laser marking, Silkscreen printing or Engraving.
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