What's Electrical Enclosure Used For

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Almost everything in life has a enclosure. Clothes are the protective enclosure of our body, and buildings give us the harbor of home. Observe carefully, and everything will have its own enclosure. The electrical enclosure is to protect electronic devices, so that the service life of electronic products will be longer
So what's exactly electrical enclosure used for
Electrical enclosure—that's include interfaces for—all types of electronical power, instrumentation, automation and other electronic devices.These expensive and critical devices could be damaged if outside moisture and dirt reaches them, or people could be harmed if they are not protected from the electrical energy within the enclosures.

how to select the appropriate electrical enclosure according to electronic device the material and Usage scenario

To properly select a suitable enclosure for an application, it is necessary to know what environmental hazards the enclosure must protect against, and what NEMA rating or IP code provides the desired level of protection.

Stainless steel: These are very durable and are available in several alloys (304, 316 and 316L) depending on the type of exposure expected,

Aluminum: Can provide a good combination of durability and value, and they work well in high-heat areas.

Many non-metallic options are strong, easy to work with, withstand chemicals and weather, these material are:

Fiberglass reinforced polyester
Thermoplastic ABS

Another benefit of plastic enclosures is they work well with the increasing number of wireless devices installed within enclosures because they do not attenuate the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals nearly as much as metallic enclosures.

You can choose the appropriate enclosure according to the use scenario and desired function of the electronic device
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